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Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company, a registered company under FEG is proactively petrochemical enterprise with leadership skills. Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company is involved in exploring oil and gas fields, supplying of oil and gas condensate, marketing, selling of petroleum and petrochemical products in domestic and international markets, and supplying natural gas to industry globally and has occupied the oil Supplying industry shaping the market, Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of industrial markets worldwide. Already today, the Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company occupies a worthy place among the largest participants in the industry in the world, shaping the market and is known far abroad.


We are selling & supplying of a quality range of Oil and Gas based products to local and international markets

Improved productivity, reduced costs, improved worker safety and reduced environmental impact are just some of the benefits we offer.


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  • ✦ Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company - is a global energy company with large assets in Singapore, United State, Netherland, Kazakhstan, Hungary, UAE and a diversified portfolio in promising regions of the international oil and gas sector, including Venezuela, Cuba, Canada, Brazil, Norway, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Egypt, Mozambique, Iraq, Netherlands and Indonesia.

  • ✦Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company - are leading in the process of qualitative modernization and innovative changes in the oil and gas industry.

Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company Reference - is a modern, open, dynamically developing company that invests heavily in the construction of new and modernization of existing facilities and planning a diversified development of the supply base around the world in order to increase the efficiency of natural resources and increase supply of products that meet the highest quality standards through the introduction of the most advanced conversion processes.

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Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company is one of the most modern oil Seller & Supplier in Netherland, UAE, Singapore, United State and global market, also one of the best in the world. The installed capacity of the enterprise is about 20.5 million tons of oil per year. Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company is the industry leader in terms of processing efficiency: the processing depth is more than 90%, the output of light oil products of ecological class Euro-5 is more than 71%. We sell natural gas to consumers in the Us and other countries of the world and in the international market in the form of EN590, LNG, Aviation Kerosene A1, Diesel D2/D6, Mazut M100 and other hydrocarbon.

  • Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company is interested in attracting professional and talented specialists. The company invests in the development and professional development of employees, supports initiatives aimed at improving production and management activities. Today, the company employs specialists. An enterprise considers its employees as partners in a common cause, a team of like-minded people focused on the performance of a common task.

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