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Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company in conjunction with FEG carries out exploration works with the purpose of expanding the resource base. Exploration activities have been consistently delivering good results driven by the advanced exploration techniques and selection of the most promising areas based on research results. To increase the success of exploration drilling, step-by-step implementation of advanced technologies for processing and interpreting seismic data continued. In particular, innovative approaches to account for inhomogeneities of the upper part of the column are used to minimize the forecast error for structures. At the design stage, finite-difference modeling of the wave field is carried out to select the optimal parameters of the seismic survey.

The Company has unparalleled expertise in the Houston, Netherland, Antwerp, Singapore operations, which allows to minimize risks associated with the development of new fields and shorten new project lead times. Proximity to export markets and own transportation infrastructure reduces the transportation expenses and improves cost efficiency of operations in the region targets for exploration.

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  • Offer the cleanest line of services with latest technology, equipment. The approaches and technology applied by Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company for the development of fields secured the Company’s leadership in efficient commissioning of new wells and never ending customer support we are able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients.

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  • We believe that our success is driven by advanced exploration techniques to increase our business model and driven the principle of efficient vertical integration to create added value and make our business highly resilient in selection of the most promising areas based on research results. With the help of technology, we find out how the World Energy Model can explore different plausible future energy scenarios always.

Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company is registered under FEG and also partner to major refineries in Europe, Asia and American Continent, and also owns a 45% stake in refineries in the United State The total capacity of the refinery is 84.6 million tons, which is almost equal to the company's oil production.
The company's have state-of-the-art conversion and processing facilities and produce a wide range of high-quality petroleum products. In terms of technological potential and efficiency.

OIL PRODUCTS: Production and wholesale of a wide range of petroleum products. Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company-OWNED plants have modern conversion and refining capacities and produce a wide range of high-quality oil products.
GAS: Sales of natural and liquefied petroleum gas. Falcon Petro & Investment Int' Company have a production base that meets the highest modern standards.

ENERGY: Generation and supply of heat and electricity. Electric power industry, the core of which is the assets of YUGK TGK-8.

AVIATION: A full range of services for aviation fuel supply. Aviation fuel supply includes services for the reception, storage of jet fuel in the warehouse of the refueling complex, preparation for delivery for refueling and refueling of the aircraft.

With its vast resource base, the Company is especially focused on the development of the new projects to ramp-up exploration. The new projects include both development of new fields and enhancing recovery at mature fields through the use of advanced technologies, increased explore of products, and a higher number of EOR operations.

Deliveries of jet fuel at airports in Netherland and abroad are carried out by the our organizations.


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